100% Carbon Fiber Rings


Speed. Power. Elegance. Our carbon fiber rings have been a huge hit with our visitors. These woven black carbon fiber bands have been masterfully crafted by top-notch composite artists and are 100% CF, 100% of the time. Your ring will be individually woven with the utmost attention to detail and will be hand-finished to ensure the quality is unequaled. It's sort of like owning a racecar, only for your finger.


It Takes Powerful Material To Make an Everyday Ring

Want an example of what we mean? The bestselling Men's Forty-Five Carbon Fiber Ring has a special hand-applied high-polish finish that just screams high energy, while the unrivaled strength of carbon fiber guarantees that your ring will hold up well over time. Want another recommendation? The Ultra Carbon Fiber Ring has a very cool weave pattern that is nearly hypnotic. It practically dares you to take your eyes off of it.

Whether you're looking for something fun that you can throw on every day, or you want a different kind of engagement ring or wedding band, these bands have what it takes to look great wherever and whenever you wear them.

Please note: All ring photos were taken in natural sunlight. Carbon fiber rings look very striking in natural light.

How Do 100% Carbon Fiber Rings Compare to Metal Rings?

One of the most common questions we get asked about these rings is whether they fit the same way that traditional metal-based rings do. The answer is yes. These rings have standard sizing so they will accurately line up to anything you would see in a regular jewelry store. Unfortunately, unlike some metal rings, carbon fiber rings cannot be resized. The very quality that makes them so light and durable also makes it impossible to reshape them once they're made.

The good news is all of these rings are covered under our free Lifetime Protection Plan, which means if there's ever an issue with your ring not fitting properly, even if that issue happens years from now, we'll replace your ring with one that does. If you have additional questions about our rings or how sizing works, check out our frequently asked questions page.

Want to get an answer to your question straight from us? Have an idea for a CF-based ring that you don't see here? Get on the horn and tell us about it.

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