Animal Track Rings

Make an Imprint with Animal Track Rings

Hunters and outdoorsmen who are on the hunt for a prize ring: you can’t bag a bigger catch than this lineup of animal track rings from Titanium-Buzz. Each ring features an eye-catching animal track imprint with antlers, ‘coon tracks, turkey tracks, deer tracks, and other animal-themed styles. These one-of-a-kind animal print rings make the ideal wildlife wedding band for guys looking to make a bonafide statement that shows their love for the outdoors.

Whether you want to spoil your hunting-loving husband with one of our extra-special deer antler rings or want something totally unique that shows your love for wild boar, wolf, or turkey, Titanium-Buzz’s collection of animal rings is sure to include a style that gets you excited. 


Rugged Materials that Endure the Most Intense Hunts

Titanium-Buzz specializes in offering top-of-the-line rings made from rugged, long-lasting materials. Choose from tough titanium, cool cobalt chrome, or anything-but-basic black zirconium. Each ring is made by our team of skilled jewelry artisans in the U.S. to ensure excellence in quality and beauty. Plus, we’ll help you find a ring that fits you like a glove with a wide variety of widths and sizes available in each style.

Titanium animal track rings are perfect for the dedicated tough guy who wants a hypoallergenic, corrosion-resistant ring with cost-effective quality. Cobalt is as lightweight and comfortable as titanium but provides extra scratch resistance for seriously impressive performance. We also have bold black zirconium animal track rings that provide the strength and durability of titanium but with a more modern style.

Custom Animal Track Rings for the One-of-a-Kind Guy

Don’t forget, Titanium-Buzz is always happy to help you create a custom ring to suit your unique preferences. You can alsobring home some more trophies when you check out our exclusive collection of incredibly detailed hunting scene rings.