Classic Wedding Rings

Times change. Fads come and go. But the classics? The classics are eternal. These classic wedding rings are the styles that transcend time, that define but ultimately outlast trends, that feel forever new, even when they're not. Although they are timeless, they are not uniform. They have many different looks, different shapes, and different designs, but peer closer at each of these rings and you'll discover they all share a common bond, a quiet, nameless quality that is universal to everyone.


For the Timeless in All of Us

Even if your tastes don't typically run to the classics, there's a little piece of you, of all of us, in each of these wedding bands.

When you think about it, isn't that what marriage is really all about? Isn't marriage about being with someone who is as familiar as your own skin but who can still surprise you months, years, or decades down the road? Isn't it about finding that quiet, nameless, universal quality you and your spouse share in spite of your differences? Isn't it about defining your life today but ultimately transcending it? It may sound sentimental, or even a bit hokey, but this is why rings are such powerful symbols. We love classic wedding rings because love is a classic emotion.

What Makes a Classic?

The easy answer to what makes a wedding ring a "classic" is to look at styles and design options that have stayed popular over time. Certainly the wedding bands we've selected for this collection fit that definition, and we've been proudly featuring many of these designs for almost as long as we've been in business. But we think there's more to it than that. Just because a ring or a product has been popular for a long time, doesn't mean it's a classic -- at least not in the sense we mean.

No, a classic ring has something fundamental, some basic building block that we recognize as important. Consider the Titanium Ring with Flat Groove Edge, for example. The edging and multiple finishes are more contemporary than anything, but take a look at the flat surface, at how the satin-burnished metal seems to flow around the ring like water. It's simple, but not. Familiar, but unique. Do you feel it? If so, then you know that's what we mean when we call something a classic.

If you spend any time on our website, you'll see we spend a lot of time talking about things like "pushing the envelope" and finding the "cutting edge." We admit, some of our rings get pretty wild. But if you want to know where we draw our inspiration from, where we get the courage to come up with those crazier looks, it's because of the classics like these wedding rings. All of the items in this collection are curated by our founder and our team, and we hope they move you the same way they have moved us. Happy shopping.

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