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Cobalt Rings

Cobalt Rings

Wear a piece of the future when you experience the power of our Cobalt Rings, crafted from a cutting edge fusion of metals that are taking the alternative jewelry industry by storm! Our Cobalt Wedding Bands and Rings Collection features the ultimate combination of pure chrome, cobalt, and rare alloys...READ MORE-- and it's a selection you'll only find here!

Why all the hype? Our Cobalt Wedding Rings aren't just new, they're completely unlike any jewelry you've ever encountered. The alloy in our bestselling Grooved Cobalt Ring gives off a brilliant near-white luster that outshines even platinum. Our popular Beveled Stone Finish Cobalt Wedding Ring is as lightweight as titanium but even more scratch-resistant. All of our Cobalt Rings are among the most durable jewelry available today!

These rings will not corrode or tarnish. They will not fade. They will not chip or break apart. They are designed to last a lifetime and they can be worn by anyone!

The History of Our Cobalt Rings:

From the Height of Ancient Empires

What's so special about cobalt? Cobalt is one of the most ancient materials in jewelry and has been used in the trade for thousands of years. It was refined into a pigment by ancient Persian artisans as far back as 2,200 BC. It was also used by master craftsmen at the height of both the ancient Ming and Mayan Empires. Around the world, from the dawn of history to the present, cobalt has been a prized piece of luxury items and jewelry.

The Invention of Stellite

The use of cobalt may be ancient, but the cobalt and chrome alloys found in our Cobalt Rings come straight from the modern era. They were first developed in the early 20th century by metallurgist and automotive pioneer, Elwood Haynes. Haynes, in fact, discovered cobalt chrome while he was in the process of inventing the first stainless steel silverware. During his research into stainless steel Haynes realized that an alloy created from cobalt and chromium would be exceptionally durable and corrosion resistant. Haynes, who said the brilliance of the metal reminded him of the stars, patented his new alloy under the name stellite.

From the Auto Industry to the Cutting Edge of Medicine

Since Haynes, cobalt chrome has played a major role in the automotive industry, where its rust-proof properties have been used to manufacture long-lasting and precision parts. Over the past 50 years cobalt chrome alloys have also become an important tool of modern medicine, and the same cobalt alloys in our rings can be found in everything from dentures to artificial knees. They're critical components of most bio-implants and are also used in prosthetic limbs.

The Power of Cobalt at Your Fingertips

The same properties that have made cobalt chrome such an important part of history are the same properties that make our Cobalt Wedding Rings and Cobalt Wedding Bands so extraordinary. Their high performance, outstanding durability, brilliant appearance, and hypoallergenic qualities are just the beginning. We've got the best features of this remarkable metal combined with the latest styles and the hard-hitting elegance that defines our collection.

The future of design, quality, and style is now! Get the newest Cobalt Rings first when you order from Titanium-Buzz today!...READ LESS
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