Laser Engraved Rings

Limitless possibilities; designs that defy the imagination; styles created for 21st century fashion; welcome to the cutting edge of our laser engraved rings collection. We've put together dozens of our favorite designs to bring you an assortment of laser etched jewelry that is unsurpassed in detail and depth. These are wedding bands like you've imagined, with crystal-clear artwork unlike anything you've ever seen.


It's Not a Cliché: Seeing Is Believing

See the individual scales of our Laser Engraved Welsh Dragon Ring, or piece things together with a unique Titanium Jigsaw Ring. Each of these bands is a unique work of art that is custom designed for you, and you won't find anything else like them on anyone else.

Laser Engraved Rings: 21st Century Art and Style

What makes our laser engraved rings so unique? How do we accomplish the complex designs you see here? The answer lies in how the rings are constructed and the machine we use to create them. We start with a basic band made from titanium or another exotic metal. We then shape the band to match your specifications, such as the desired size and width.

Next, we take the ring and put it through our laser engraver. This is a highly technical device that fires a very tiny but very powerful beam of light photons at the surface of the metal. Using this process, the laser creates a blackened area in the material that is fused into the surface of the ring at a variety of depths, depending on the design. The blackened material is similar to black ceramic in texture and is extremely durable. It doesn't flake or smudge or wear off because it's part of the metal itself.

By combining the beautiful qualities of pure titanium, the precision power of our laser engraver, and the artistic skills of our craftsmen, we are able to create striking, sometimes even mind-bending 21st century designs that dare to reinvent the wedding ring.

Want more designs that go beyond extraordinary? Then get ready for a roller coaster of experience when you check out our specialized unique rings collection.

Have an idea for something you would like to see engraved onto a ring? We want to hear about it. Chances are, we can make it happen for you. We're experts at custom designs and our lasers know no limits. We also can quickly answer any other questions you might have about our products.