Midnight Matte Black Rings

Welcome to the Midnight Matte Series of men's black rings. The most intense new look in men's jewelry takes us to the center of the black hole, and Titanium-Buzz's ultra-exclusive styles are designed to suck you in. Because there's black… and then there's BLACK. Whether you're looking for black wedding bands or just want something different to throw on your right hand when you hit the streets, these are the rings you have been waiting for. The cool, flat matte finish devours light and gives each band a powerful edge. They're not hard to miss, but if you want to own one then you're not going find 'em anywhere else except in this exclusive collection.


There Can Be Only One

Our limited edition matte black rings come in the wide range of traditional and one-of-a-kind looks that set the singular styles at Titanium-Buzz apart from the rest. Check out our current leading contender, the subtle-yet-awesome Squared Flat Black Ring, or max out the intensity with our Barbwire Flat Black Band, or choose from nearly two dozen other unique styles.

Midnight Matte Men's Black Rings: Join the Dark Side

Do not underestimate the power of the Dark Side. The intense black finish has a ceramic-like quality that you need to experience and that any Sith lord would appreciate. Our black wedding bands not only look cool, but they are also crafted to the same level of superior quality and durability that we demand from every item we choose for our collections.

The black zirconium that comprises each ring is one of our favorite metals and we're proud to showcase it alongside other elite elements like titanium and cobalt. It weighs less but is tougher than steel, with a rugged durability that's literally out of this world (the most common source of zirconium in the universe is in the center of stars). It doesn't conduct heat, resists the elements, and feels as good to wear as it looks.

These rings are also bio-inert and made from the same medical-grade zirconium used in dentistry and joint implants, so if you've been cursed with an allergy to base metals, then meet your new best friends. These rings can be comfortably worn anytime, anywhere, and by anyone. Order one for yourself and see why it's better in the dark.

Also try out the brighter side of dark in our bestselling selection of black zirconium rings.

Want to shed some more light on these styles? Give us a call or send us an email and we'll team up with you to create any custom design you can dream up.

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