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Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee

At Titanium-Buzz.com we want to do whatever we can to make online shopping a pleasant experience. We will work with you to fulfill your requests and help you in finding exactly what you want. We want to connect with you on a one-on-one level and we understand it can be difficult finding the right ring. If for any reason you are unhappy with our product, you may return the item in its original packaging within 14 days from the delivery date. Please contact us with your concerns and we will work with you to repair it or refund you. We have a 20% restocking fee on any returned items. Please note that the majority of our rings are made to order we have to have a policy in place when it comes to taking back custom rings. We stand behind the products we sell and want to instill trust into our customers. Products MUST show no signs of being worn or altered. We will waive the restocking fees and shipping cost if we made a mistake with your order.

New policy effective date 3/25/2013**(any order placed on/after this date)

It is very important to get your size correct when ordering titanium, black zirconium, damascsus steel, cobalt and carbon fiber products. Please contact us if you have questions about how to get sized properly.

We ask that any sizing issues be brought to our attention with 60 days from the date of purchase. The item should show no signs of wear and tear if being sent back for an exchange or refund.

100% Carbon Fiber rings Our 100% carbon fiber rings cannot be resized so make sure you get fitted correctly (we can do an exchange of carbon fiber rings on our more popular designs that we stock. You will be responsible for shipping charges).

Titanium Rings
Some of our Titanium Rings can be sized larger but never smaller and it depends on the style of the ring. Resizing of a ring is done on a case by case basis and in MOST cases a new ring is needed. If that is the case and you are going to do a size exchange then there is a 20% remake fee of the original purchase price. Since our rings are all made to order, this fee will only cover a small portion of labor and material costs. If the ring is too large then a new ring is going to have to be made. We carry a 20% fee for size exchanges based on the purchase price of the item. The reason we have this fee is because you cannot go smaller and rework a ring and a whole new ring has to be made.

Black Zirconium, Cobalt and Damascus Steel

We offer 1 size exchange on these rings as well and there is a 20% remake/size exchange fee. This again will cover only some of the labor/materials in making another ring. These rings cannot be sized up or down. This is why it is very important to get sized correctly before ordering.


Camo Rings are very custom and take a complex process to make each ring. If the camo ring does not fit there will be a 20% (of the original purchase price) fee to have a size exchange completed. We cannot camo rings and an exchange has to be completed. Since the rings are all made to order, there has to be a size exchange fee so we can cover some of the labor and materials that go into making each ring. The camo inlay is covered by a 1 Year warranty (from date of purchase) from any wear and tear. Camo rings should be kept out of direct sunlight for any long periods of time and should be taken off around strong chemicals and other abrasive substances. As with most jewelry, we would advise that you remove your ring when you plan on doing anything that may cause harm to the jewelry. **Please note that all damaged camo rings will be subject to a review by our staff. If we feel that a ring has been damaged on purpose or shows any excessive wear/tear we may void this warranty.

The Camo engagement style rings with diamonds are subject to a $150 resize fee due to the nature of the designs and the complex nature of work invovled. There is a 35% restock fee also if you decide to return the ring for a refund. These are made to order and are very custom style rings.


When we recieve your item back, your money will be refunded to the credit card that was used to purchase the product less any applicable fees applied toward your purchase. If you used Paypal to purchase your ring, then we would issue the refund back through Paypal. Since we do not hold onto credit card information, we may have to issue a refund via check or contact you for your card number again.


At Titanium-buzz.com we will try our best to serve our customers with a quality product. If you decide to cancel your order, please contact as soon as possible at service@titanium-buzz.com We cannot cancel or change an order once it is in the shipping process. If you cannot change your order you will be prompted to return your product through our return policy.


The products being sold on our website are made from one of the earth's strongest metals and we stand behind them. Titanium should and will last a lifetime under the proper care. Our products come from a reputable manufacturers whom take the time to manufacture a wonderful product.

Many people think of titanium as being a durable material which it is but it does not keep from scratching. Titanium is just like any other metal, it will take abuse but over time and you will see scratches in the material. We do offer a service of getting your custom ring re-polished for a small fee $19.95 plus shipping charges.

Warranty on Titanium Bracelets: (Men's titanium bracelets and Women's titanium bracelets:

We feature a 3 year manufacturers warranty from the date of purchase.

The warranty covers the titanium bracelets for defects in manufacturing only (based upon inspection and sole determination) The warranty excludes excessive wear and tear and/or physical/accidental abuse, loss and theft. Our warranty is valid only through our manufacturer. Improper repair or warranty service performed by someone other than us will void the warranty.