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Bring home the best of the outdoors with the original collection of camo rings -- the first ever featured by any jeweler. Our original camo wedding rings are crafted from lightweight metals like titanium and zirconium and feature unmatched inlays of authentic Realtree and Mossy Oak camouflage. That's right, you can wear your camo ring while you hunt. They match the camo you wear in the woods, but at home they'll do anything but blend in.

We also offer classic carved as well as laser engraved styles that feature camo, deer tracks, buck antlers, and even unique Mossy Oak and Realtree designs that can't be found anywhere else. So browse our exclusive selection and discover what happens when a wedding ring gets designed by outdoorsmen for outdoorsmen.

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Home of the Original Camo Rings

The story behind our camo wedding rings is one of persistence and passion, and just like the whole idea of camouflage, things aren't always what they seem. The concept sounds simple enough -- take one of our traditional titanium rings, slap a strip of camo on it, and call it a day -- but nothing could be further from the truth. Every single detail on every single one of our rings -- from the width and thickness of the inlays, to the angle of the edges, to even the type of finish used on the inside -- were all the result of weeks and sometimes months of careful design and testing. The collection we feature today took years to develop.

Some might call it overkill, we call it the process of creating the perfect rings. Unlike camo wedding rings that you might find elsewhere, the rings at Titanium-Buzz boast unique features like enhanced durability and an innovative "comfort fit" engineered on the inside of the band. Many camo rings from other jewelers are also prone to scratching, which is why we added details like slightly recessed inlays, cleverly beveled sidewalls, and an improved coating process to add layers of additional protection to each ring. Our camo rings will last longer, look better, and are more comfortable. Our guiding mission has always been to create camo rings that you will be proud to wear.

For the camo, we went beyond the generic and partnered directly with the folks at Realtree and Mossy Oak to bring their award-winning patterns to your fingertips. We were even privileged to work with Mossy Oak during the final phases of development leading up to the release of their revolutionary Break-Up Infinity camouflage. All of our rings are officially licensed through partnerships with Jordan Outdoors and Hass Outdoors. Their commitment to quality is our own. We stand behind all of our camo rings and offer free refinishes, inlay replacements, and size exchanges on most styles (excludes rings with stones and rings that have custom alternations done to them). We also offer a warranty that applies to the camo inlays that insures them against damage from ordinary wear and tear.

For more information, please read our camo ring FAQ.

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