Rustic Wedding Rings

Welcome to the next wave of cool trends in men's wedding rings. Our Ludington Series of rustic wedding rings features designs and textures inspired by the Great North, which locals know you can find right here in Michigan. Our love for the outdoors, the Northern Lights, the Great Lakes, and just being out in God's Country led us to create something that evokes the feeling of wild, untamed places; something crisp and unique that you haven't already seen a hundred times before. Anytime you venture out into nature you can discover something new, and that's exactly where you'll find these rings.


Why We Went Rustic for These Rings

We'll be honest, we had to play around with these designs to get this series perfect, but the nice thing about our business model is we make each ring to order. That means we can tweak each design over and over again, as many times as it takes to achieve total perfection.

The challenge in this collection was to take some really simple designs and then add just the right textures and carved features to create a new kind of rugged style that didn't quite look like anything else. It's harder to do than you think, and we had to employ a lot of high-tech machinery and specialized finishing techniques to give each ring that all-natural, outdoorsy quality.

Our favorite? The Tree Bark Ring, although this Grooved Rustic Ring is pretty cool, too. Anyway, if you love the outdoors and want to express your personality a bit, then rustic wedding rings are the way to go. Go ahead and wander around for a while. We'll keep the campfire going for ya'.

Want to see more designs that are a little rough around the edges? Get ready for a desert adventure in our exclusive full collection of sandblasted rings.

If you see something here you like but want to make it a bit more custom or maybe make it out of another metal (we totally can), just let us know. We love custom requests and can almost always help you out.

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