Titanium Rings

From subtle and sleek, to stylish and showy, you'll find it all in our original collection of titanium bands. Here you'll discover titanium rings that feature traditional precious metal inlays as well artistic expressions of ultra-modern designs that will ignite the imagination. You'll also find carved designs that redefine the look of contemporary jewelry and provide the ultimate titanium experience. No matter what inspires your sense style, your titanium ring is here.


Why Choose a Titanium Band?

Why would anyone prefer a titanium band over traditional metals like gold and silver? Simple. Titanium is superior to those materials in every way:

Unrivaled durability - Titanium resists scratching and titanium rings are built to better withstand the wear and tear of everyday life. They're meant to be a part of your routine, not locked away in some box.

Unsurpassed strength - Titanium has one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios of nearly any material in the world. Titanium rings are feather light but incredibly strong.

Unmatched corrosion resistance - Titanium rings also resist corrosion and tarnishing far better than most metals, especially gold and silver.

Titanium is hypoallergenic - Titanium is mostly inert and titanium rings won't react with skin or trigger allergies for most wearers.

Cost-effective quality - In spite of the outstanding features that are making it one of the most popular jewelry materials today, titanium is less expensive than many other metals, giving you the style and long-lasting quality you deserve with the sort of pricing you want.

Learn More About Titanium Rings

What Style of Titanium Ring Are You?

Our core series of titanium rings come in expertly crafted varieties designed to meet every type of taste while daring to be a little different. All of our selections are made unique for each customer, each time. Learn more about our most popular lines:

Titanium Wedding Bands: Anything but Basic

Here's where our modern approach to alternative metals meets some of the most classic pieces available at Titanium-Buzz. Gorgeous finishes, sleek profiles, and time-honored designs can be found next to special inlays, contours, and contemporary styles. If you want a titanium band that's as unique as your love (and will last a lifetime), then welcome home.

Experience our original collection for yourself and see why titanium rings inspired us to go into business.

Arctic Rings: So Cool They're Hot

Think freshly fallen snow. You know that dry kind that builds up on a thin layer of ice and almost looks like frosting sparkling in the winter sun, transforming the world into something quiet and magical. Listen, you can actually hear the snow crunching as you take that first step into the best part of winter. Yeah, these rings are like that.

What are you waiting for? Winter is coming, so grab your snowshoes and enjoy our Arctic Collection of titanium rings.

Blue Titanium Rings: Break Out of Boring

We've been at this for a while, but the eye-grabbing, futuristic look of blue inlays on sleek titanium gets. us. every. time. Here you'll encounter a select collection of classic and contemporary styles, all enhanced with spectacular blue inlays that have been anodized directly into the metal. You need to see 'em to believe 'em.

Have you got the blues? We do. Come see why that's a good thing in our exclusive collection of blue titanium rings.

Boone Titanium Rings: A Titanium-Buzz Team-Up

We joined forces with ring designer Bruce Boone to create an extensive collection of rings that range from hip, alternative, and urban to some elegant classics that are built to impress. Inside, you'll also find some of our most unique inlays to create new and colorful options on fan-favorite styles.

Don't take our word for it. Click here to experience the best of Boone titanium rings.

Gold Titanium Rings: Elegant Fusion

We like to talk about all the ways that titanium is superior to gold, but that doesn't mean we don't love its elegance, richness, and versatility. Quite the opposite. While gold might not be an ideal base metal for a ring, there's almost nothing that beats it as an accent. Our special selection of titanium and gold rings combines these materials in ways that bring out the absolute best features of both metals. Here you'll find some of the most handsome designs we offer.

Elegance awaits. Experience the fusion of quality that is our unique collection of gold titanium rings.

Rustbelt Copper Rings: Raw, Rugged Beauty

If you've ever looked at an old building or part of an old factory and been struck for a moment with a sense of overwhelming beauty, then there's a good chance these rings are for you. Inspired by America's proud industrial history, these special edition copper rings feature inlays that will develop their own unique patinas over time. With these rings, nothing is static. With these rings, time and nature are the artists.

From Pittsburgh to Detroit, the Rustbelt is undergoing a renaissance. See what all the talk is about in our exclusive copper rings collection.

Rustic Wedding Rings: Straight from America's Heartland

These rings are not kitsch. They're not taken from some craft store chain or country-themed franchise. These rings are intricately designed living symbols of the open spaces, sprawling prairies, and endless forests you'll find throughout the American Midwest. Think of them as the best parts of camping, only condensed and on your finger, 24/7-365.

Smell the pine in the air? See the lake off in the distance? Hear the birds in the trees around you? Then take a moment to check out our full collection of rustic wedding rings.

Sandblasted Titanium Rings: Textures from the Desert

For centuries, the ideal rings have been gleaming pieces of shimmering metal. Our sandblasted titanium rings throw that ideal out the window and head for the desert. Here, texture reigns supreme, with uniquely gritty finishes that redefine how jewelry can look and what a ring can be. Shape, design, all are transformed into one of the most modern variations we've ever done. We don't often say this, but this really is one collection that you do not want to miss.

Fill up your water bottles, Marco Polo, you're going to want to spend some time in the desert when you discover our full selection of sandblasted titanium rings.

Tension Set Titanium Rings

Here's where you'll get titanium combined with our favorite precious stones to create some of the most spectacular modern engagement rings on the market. Wear them for love or wear them for style, the natural strength of titanium will always keep your stone secure. We do a variety of shapes and stones, so don't be afraid to start thinking like a designer.

Ready to fall in love? Take in the full collection of tension set rings at Titanium-Buzz.

Titanium Wood Inlay Rings: Built by Nature, Designed by You

Here's the infusion of the world's most versatile metal with the most striking hardwoods in the world. Here's what happens when you put exquisite, rare materials inside nearly indestructible frames that are as sophisticated as they are elegant. Get ready to make a powerful first, second, third, and hundredth impression.

It's time to see the forest and the trees. Explore our growing collection of titanium wood inlay rings.

Custom and Special-Order Titanium Designs: No Limits, Not Ever

Whether you want to shop by specific style or lose yourself in our enormous full collection, the one thing you will never encounter is limits on anything that we do. If there's a style you love or a design that you've been dreaming about, and you don't see it here, we can make your dream a reality. The rings featured here are a starting point, because custom rings are where we really shine.

Call us at 1-866-215-1861 or send us an email to discuss these or any of our products. We look forward to hearing from you.


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