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Titanium Rings

Titanium Rings

From subtle and sleek to stylish and showy, you'll find it all in our Titanium Band Collection! Discover Titanium Rings that feature traditional precious metal inlays, or get artistic with ultra-modern designs that inspire the imagination, or go for the full titanium experience with unique carved des...READ MOREigns that are redefining the look of modern jewelry. No matter what inspires your sense style, your Titanium Ring is here!

Why Choose a Titanium Band?

Why choose a Titanium Band over traditional metals like gold and silver? Titanium is simply superior in every way!

Unrivaled durability -- Titanium resists scratching and Titanium Rings are built to better withstand the wear and tear of everyday life. They're meant to be a part of your routine, not locked away in some box.

Unsurpassed strength -- Titanium has one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios of nearly any material in the world! Titanium Rings are feather light but incredibly strong.

Unmatched corrosion resistance -- Titanium Rings also resist corrosion and tarnishing far better than most metals, especially gold and silver.

Titanium is hypoallergenic -- Titanium is mostly inert and Titanium Rings won't react with skin or trigger allergies for most wearers!

Cost effective quality -- In spite of the outstanding features that are making it one of the fastest-growing jewelry materials today, titanium is less expensive than many other metals, giving you the style and long-lasting quality you deserve with the sort of pricing you want!

Want to learn more about our Titanium Rings and other jewelry? Get more information about our products, browse our FAQ resource page, or ask us directly by sending us an email.

What Style of Titanium Ring Are You?

Our core series of Titanium Rings come in expertly crafted varieties designed to meet every type of taste while daring to be a little different. All of our selections are made unique for each customer, each time. Learn more about our most popular lines:

Titanium Wedding Bands
Here's where our modern approach to alternative metals meets some of the most classic designs available at Titanium-Buzz! Gorgeous finishes, sleek profiles, and time-honored designs can be found next to special inlays, contours, and contemporary styles. If you want a Titanium Band that's as unique as your love (and will last a lifetime), then welcome home!

Tension Set Titanium Rings
Here's where you'll get titanium combined with our favorite precious stones to create some of the most spectacular modern engagement rings on the market! Wear them for love or wear them for style, the natural strength of titanium will always keep your stone secure! We do a variety of shapes and stones, so be sure to check us out!

Celtic Knot Rings
One of the most popular collections at Titanium-Buzz, our celebrated selection of Celtic Knot Rings takes one of the world's oldest art forms and introduces it to the raw power of titanium. It's a match the ancient Celts would have appreciated, and you'll find some of our favorite Titanium Ring inlays here!

Interlocking and Unique Titanium Rings
Feeling the need to crank your sense of fashion up to 11? Then come with us and check out some of the slickest designs to hit the market in years! New shapes, artistic inlays, cool personalization, the bestsellers of tomorrow can be found here right now!

Sports Wedding Rings
Get ready to wrap your head around some of the most mind-bending sports designs to ever end up on someone's finger! This is where we take off the gloves and show you what we can really do. If baseball or golf is your passion then we are here for you!

Tread Rings Collection
For those of us who love our machines, this collection puts you behind the wheel (literally) of some of the most badass designs we've ever put together. Precision carved to recreate the tire tread patterns on some of our favorite vehicles, this extreme collection is the perfect fusion of torque, speed, power, and quality. Go ahead, start your engines!

Laser Engraved Rings
There's a place in time called the Future, and you can visit it now by clicking on over to our full selection of Laser Engraved Rings. Unbelievable detail. Astounding precision. Limitless possibilities. Our laser engravers will turn the surface of your ring into a canvas for some artistic designs like you've never seen before. Be prepared to rethink everything you know about rings!

Boone Titanium Rings
A Titanium-Buzz team-up! We joined forces with ring designer Bruce Boone to create an extensive collection of rings that range from hip, alternative, and urban to some elegant classics that are built to impress. Inside you'll also find some of our most unique inlays to create new and colorful options on fan-favorite styles!...READ LESS
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