Tire Tread Rings

Ride rugged. Ride rough. Ride extreme with the hardcore cool of our tread rings collection. These unique tread rings look exactly like tires and roll over lesser jewelry with a variety of highly detailed patterns and styles. It's metal carving with a level of precision you didn't know was possible; it's energy that you didn't know could be infused into a wedding band; it's the best of the road, right at your fingertips.


Meet the Monsters of Jewelry

Get down and dirty with our one-of-a-kind mud bogger tire rings, slam on the gas with our officially-licensed Goodyear rings, hit the highway with a classic motorcycle wedding ring, or leave the road eating your dust with a dirt bike ring. No matter how you like to ride, or whom you ride with, you'll find something here to take your favorite gearhead pastime to a new level.

Tread Rings in All Shapes and Sizes

Our tire rings, available in men and women's sizes, also come in a variety of widths and finishes that allow you to customize your ring to perfection. And if you're looking for something even more custom, let us know. Our goal is to make your tire ring feel like an old friend from the moment you first slide it on.

All of our tire ring jewelry is handcrafted, precision cut, and built from the most lightweight and durable materials ever, and long hours on the road are nothing to these new favorites. Let us make yours today.

Before you peel out, be sure to stop at our collection of lightweight and durable carbon fiber rings.

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