About Our Titanium Rings

There is nothing in the world like titanium. Brighter than sterling silver, stronger than steel, and lighter than both, titanium has one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios of any metal. It does not deform. It does not warp. It resists scratching and wear. It is the metal for facing the ups and downs, the challenges and triumphs, of everyday life. It's like a dog or a best friend that you can actually wear.

Here are some of the most common questions people have about our titanium rings:

What kind of titanium do you use?

We use a 6Al4V aerospace-grade titanium alloy. In English that means the titanium in our rings is 90 percent pure with an added six percent aluminum and four percent vanadium. The aluminum increases the luster of the metal while the vanadium adds strength.

Can a titanium ring be cut off during an emergency?

We're not sure how this myth started, but this is the number one question anyone who sells titanium rings gets asked. Yes, titanium rings can absolutely be cut off during an emergency. Titanium is strong, but not invincible. EMTs, paramedics, hospitals, doctors' offices, medical centers, and jewelry shops all carry standard cutters that can remove any ring or item of jewelry quickly and safely.

Can titanium rings be resized?

Short answer? It depends. Due to our production methods and the inherent strength of titanium, we can only resize an existing titanium ring under limited circumstances. In most cases, we will need to exchange your ring for one in the correct size. This is why, and we can't stress this enough, it is important to know your ring size before you order.

Subscribers to our Protection Plan are covered for one free size exchange during the first year you own your ring. All you'll be responsible for is shipping.

If you ever have a size issue, call us at 1-866-215-1861 or send us an email.

Can titanium rings be scratched?

Yes. Titanium easily outlasts most other metals, but for all its strength, it is possible to scratch it. Your ring will age and it will show wear over time, but with some basic care and common sense, you won't even notice.

If you never clean your ring or you consistently wear it while engaging in activities that involve banging your bare hands around rocks or heavy machinery, then yes, you will scratch it up -- also, invest in some gloves. But accidentally banging your hand against your car door that one time? You don't have to worry.

And here's the other thing: We'll clean your ring for you. If you start to notice some scuffing or feel like your ring has lost a little of its polish, send it to us for refinishing.

If titanium can eventually show wear, does that mean it can oxidize or tarnish?

Titanium is extremely resistant to oxidation and tarnishing. It can technically be corroded by exposure to highly concentrated acids (Note: please do not try to test this), but is largely immune to the weak and diluted acids we all encounter on a day-to-day basis. That's more than we can say for a lot of metals.

How do I clean my titanium ring?

Follow these instructions:

1. Wash ring with mild soapy water.
2. Rinse.
3. Dry.
4. Wear.

Yeah, it really is that simple.

Will titanium give me a rash?

No. A lot of the rashes and skin irritation caused by other jewelry are courtesy of the presence of metals like nickel, which is completely absent from our titanium (and all of our products). Titanium is naturally hypoallergenic and is safe for most skin types. In fact, the type of titanium we use (6Al4V) is the same kind that's used in many biomedical implants.

Who would win in a fight, platinum or titanium?

We won't knock platinum. It's a very nice metal, but it just can't stand up to titanium. Titanium is nearly twice as strong and it's more lightweight than platinum, too. In fact, a unit of titanium weighs 30 percent less than a unit of platinum of similar size. Talk about punching above your weight class.

Is titanium right for me?

Okay, it's not like we're going to say "no." But what makes titanium so special, and what inspired us to go into business in the first place, is the fact that titanium rings really can be right for everyone.

If you consider yourself a traditionalist when it comes to wedding rings, you can find a selection of classics that will never, ever go out of style. If you want something unique or wild or cutting-edge, then we have some mind-bending rings that you need to see. There are as many options as there are personalities.

So yes, a titanium ring is right for you.

Ready to find out for yourself? Check out our extensive full collection of titanium rings.