Antler Rings

Antler Rings - Your New Favorite Trophy

Antler rings help you take a break from the basic. Discover Titanium-Buzz's awesome antler rings. Much like your most prized trophies, these outside-the-box antler rings are a symbol of your favorite pastime. They're loaded with all the elements required to celebrate your love for the hunt, including textured antler engravings, camouflage, animal tracks, and even real antler sheds.


Deer Antler Ring with Authentic Deer Antler Inlay

Deer antler ring and deer wedding bands are perfect when you are  looking for something that subtly shows your adoration for the outdoors. You'll appreciate our artistically crafted deer antler mens wedding rings featuring authentic antler material. No fooling, these rings have genuine antlers built in. Check out our Deer Antler inlay ring to see an example of how we use real deer sheds and quality materials like titanium to forge rugged antler jewelry that are prized by the most diehard hunters. 

If you want something that's a bit bolder, snag one of our deer track rings that have been carved with alternating antler and animal track engravings, like our Deer Tracks and Antlers ring. These extra-special rings take advantage of flat-profile designs to create deep, intriguing designs in various outdoorsy motifs. These beauties make really cool titanium antler engraved wedding bands for guys with a nontraditional sense of style.

Rugged Materials for Antler Wedding Bands

Each antler wedding band and antler wedding ring in our collection is made from top-quality materials like titanium, black zirconium, and Damascus steel in an assortment of widths and finishes to suit your personal style. Why did we choose these materials for our antler rings? The main reason is their strength. Titanium in your deer wedding bands is super-tough, durable, and scratch-resistant while providing a comfortable, lightweight feel, so you can sport it on the most demanding hunts. Damascus steel and black zirconium are also built to hold up to a lifetime of wear and tear.

Most of these deer antler rings have the option of being engraved so they're even more tailor-made to you. If that's not enough customization for you, don't worry. Titanium-Buzz can make you a custom antler wedding ring that's born from your vision.

And if you have any questions about these deer wedding bands or any of our products, please let us know. We would love to hear from you.

By the way, we've got a lot more of the outdoors for you to explore.

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