Arctic Rings Collection

Welcome, explorers, to the deep chill of our Arctic Collection of titanium rings. The hottest new styles at Titanium-Buzz draw their inspiration from the coldest places on Earth, which is why these special edition wedding bands each feature incredible frosted textures intermixed with intense, icy finishes for the coolest designs south of the North Pole. It may be hot outside, but you're in the Ice Age now.


Journey to the Real Frontier

The sense of raw adventure that comes from the Great North is infused into each of these items, from the pure frost finish of the Flat Profile Arctic Titanium Ring to the icy slopes of the Concave Arctic Titanium Ring. Craggy peaks, endless vistas, that powerful sense of quiet -- it's all here, waiting for you to experience.

Experience the Power of a Frost Finish

The frost texture we like so much is the result of a special micro-carving process that dimples each ring to give it a semi-rough surface. Although a few of the rings in this collection are totally finished this way, most feature areas of polished metal that create a spectacular contrast and showcase the true versatility of titanium.

If you want something that is as attractive as it is different, as rugged as it is elegant, then strap on your skis, throw on a few extra layers, and join us where it's winter 24/7, 365.

And if you want an entirely new design that you don't see here, tell us about it. We're experts at completely custom designs, and we'd love to help you create your own little slice of winter.

Want more adventures in texture? Try the other side of climate and travel to the desert of the ultimate Sandblasted Rings Collection!

Experience the great choice of men’s wedding rings created with inspiration.

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