Blue Titanium Rings

Blue Titanium Rings

Break out of boring with a blue titanium ring. These rings feature cutting-edge designs that boldly showcase your stylish wild side. More than sleek, more than shiny, these intense blue wedding bands feature incredibly bright and silvery titanium that has been turbocharged with electric insets. These rings make the sorts of statements that demand to be heard, and you can only find the full collection at Titanium-Buzz.


Blue Titanium Rings: For the Unstoppable in All of Us

Our blue titanium rings were designed for the daredevils and the extreme sportsmen of the world, because titanium is stronger than steel, light as a feather, and extremely scratch-resistant. It won't break, warp, or ding during your stunts (though we can't promise the same for you).

Titanium will not react to outside chemicals like sweat, oxygen, and salt. If it's caked in dirt by the end of the day, just wash it with soap and warm water. Our blue titanium rings combine low maintenance with superior durability, just like you. No matter what degree of punishment life dishes out, they keep coming back again and again and again.

More than a bit of wearable art. More than a wedding band. All of our rings are handcrafted by skilled artisans who pay the highest attention to quality, detail, and design. Try one and see what happens when you leave boring in the dust.

True-Blue and Made for You

These rings don't just appear out of the blue. Our team of jewelry-lovers has carefully designed them to suit every blue-loving personality. Let the blue shine through with a ring featuring a thick, electric blue inset, or rock a style that's a bit subtler featuring a slim but not understated band of blue.

Looking for your very own "something blue"? We've got a blue titanium wedding band in our selection for when you say "I do." Pick up a blue titanium wedding ring that plays to your specific tastes, whether you're all about the sleek, square look or appreciate a classic beveled edge.

Added bonus: Titanium-Buzz will happily engrave your blue titanium wedding band with up to 30 characters.

The blues not for you? Call us toll-free at 1-866-215-1861 or send us an email and tell us what colors you like more. We can inlay these rings with a different color or tweak them in other ways to your specifications. We also love taking on custom projects!

All legends start somewhere. Start a few of your own when you jump on over to experience the balance of modern style and timeless tradition that can be found in our collection of gold titanium rings.

Find the wedding ring that will fit to your personality among our new models.

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