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Time for a team-up! Titanium-Buzz has partnered with the Georgia-based artists of Boone Titanium to bring you a fan-favorite selection of colorful Boone rings. Featuring cutting-edge designs, beautiful craftsmanship, precision quality, and exclusive innovations, Boone titanium rings are like nothing else happening in jewelry today. Their philosophy is the same as ours: Never settle, never stop pushing the limits. This curated collection shows off the best of that belief.


Where Imagination and Tradition Meet

Want classic and traditional with a twist? You got it. Want something hip and alternative? You'll find that here, too. Want something different than anything you have seen before? Welcome home. From the wood and stone-inspired inlays of our executive-style Boone rings to the mind-bending metal designs of our Mokumanium rings, these bands are built to make an immediate first, second, and third impression on everyone who sees them.

The Story Behind Boone Rings

We've long been fans of Boone rings and jewelry, but you might be surprised to learn the brand behind the style traces its origins back to the bicycle industry. Way back in 1993, Boone was a one-man operation that manufactured cogs and specialty parts for high-end bikes. As the company expanded, its founder, Bruce Boone, began to experiment with making titanium jewelry on the side. From these humble beginnings from outside of the industry, Boone Titanium has grown to become a recognized pioneer in alternative jewelry.

All of the Boone rings at Titanium-Buzz feature the same attention to detail and exactness that goes into creating complex pieces for high-performance racing bikes. These rings are built and shaped using the latest state-of-the-art computer equipment, and each piece is hand-finished to ensure total perfection.

No matter which way your tastes run, we're here to help. Want some assistance with selecting your Boone ring? Have a question or idea about one of the items featured here? Let us know what you had in mind. We'd love to hear from you.

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