Men's Black Zirconium Camera Lens Ring

Men's Black Zirconium Camera Lens Ring

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Our Protection Plan Policy!
Black Zirconium
Made in USA:


A picture is worth a thousand words. This Camera Lens Ring is worth a lifetime.

Adjust your focus and zoom in on the amazing Camera Lens Ring, the one-of-a-kind wedding band that no hardcore photographer should ever be without. In a world swimming with blurry cellphone pictures and shaky YouTube videos, there's nothing like the power of a great photograph to move us, to show us the world in ways we never imagined. And as every photographer knows, behind each perfect picture is a camera. And behind each camera can be someone wearing this camera ring.

These rings are brought to life through the power of a special, silvery metal that's superheated to create an ashy coloration on the surface and then polished to satiny dark brilliance. It's lightweight, durable, and shaped to perfectly resemble a professional camera lens casing. Measuring 10mm wide, all the details you'd find on an actual lens have been carefully carved into the side of each ring. We even included the AF/MF switch. The carved areas, by the way, reveal the natural gray  for a great contrast. There's nothing painted or stamped -- every detail is part of the actual metal.

As for sizing: The inside of each camera ring is done in what we in the industry call a "comfort fit," which is exactly what it sounds like. Also, all of our rings are custom made, which means we can make your Camera Lens Ring in just about any whole or half size. We do custom sizes, too -- all you need to do is ask us

Please note: Due to the materials used to create this ring, there is a $35 fee for rings sized 13 and higher. You will see this cost noted at checkout.

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