Men's Rock Hammered Cobalt Chrome Camo Ring

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Cobalt Chrome
Rock Hammered
Beveled, Comfort Fit Band
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Solid as a rock.

You could call this Cobalt Chrome Rock Hammered Camo Ring a labor of love, because we loved taking the time to get every detail perfect, and we really loved hammering the hell out of it to create one of the most ferocious textures the jewelry world has ever seen. Built from an exotic metal, infused with real camo, and designed with an outdoors-inspired style taken to the ultimate extreme, this wedding band is what happens when you spend the time to do something right and you refuse to comprise along the way.

So what sets this ring apart? It's called cobalt chrome. Cobalt chrome is similar to white gold or platinum, but is more brilliant and reflective than both. It's similar to ultra-strong metals like titanium, but is even stronger. There is nothing else like it anywhere, and because of its incredible strength, we were able to aggressively micro-hammer the band to create a ring of craters, ridges, and whorls as part of a rugged texture that is not for the faint of heart. But trust us, even as hard as we pound on this ring, the metal is undamaged and lasts just as long as a regular, flat-surface band. After we got a good workout from beating on the metal, we added a polished finish to the surface because why not? It's a daring move that looks awesome, so we did it.

Measuring 9mm wide, each band has beveled edges that frame your choice of an officially-licensed brown camo inlay by Realtree or Mossy Oak, including patterns like AP, MAX, and Break-Up. No matter which style you pick, we take our inlays from different swatches in the pattern so that no two of these rings will ever be exactly alike.

These (literally) one-of-a-kind camouflage wedding rings are available in most whole and half sizes. We can also do custom and 1/4 sizes upon request. Optional personalized engraving is available on the inside diameter of the band as an add-on feature. Purchase of this ring includes free ground shipping to anywhere in the USA.

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  • Made in the USA
  • Free domestic shipping
  • Made out of cobalt chrome
  • Hammered finish

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