Men's Laser-Carved Titanium Cowboy Pistol Ring

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Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys.

If you didn't listen to mom and went ahead and became a cowboy, or if maybe you just adopted a bit of the cowboy lifestyle, then this Titanium Cowboy Pistol Ring is for you. Retro-cool artwork and a Wild West aesthetic make these men's country wedding bands the go-to choice for any guy whose heart is as big as the old frontier.

This country and western-inspired ring is not something you will see at your local store. First, the flat profile titanium band is built to outperform and outlast almost any other material out there. Second, the highly detailed laser-engraved design features a detailed pattern of old-school six shooters and stars that wrap around the entire circumference of the silver color ring. Third, we've finished it all off with a sleek, high-polish finish.

That's three good reasons that you won't find these cowboy wedding rings at one of those lame national chain stores (you know the ones). Here's a fourth: Every ring we sell is custom built for each customer. We don't have a box of these sitting somewhere; we do 'em all from scratch. That means we can offer this ring in nearly all whole or half sizes. We'll even do quarter sizes if you ask

Please note: Just so you know, the width of your ring will vary slightly depending on the size that you choose. The reason is we have to scale the ring's artwork to make sure everything looks just right. The typical range is between 6mm and 9mm. Trust us, this ring will look perfect at the width you get.

  • Titanium
  • Flat Profile
  • Laser-engraved Design
  • Custom made in the USA

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