Gold Titanium Rings

Why mix titanium and gold? Easy, it's the perfect blend of the cool contemporary look of the world's leading alternative metal and the very best of tradition. The gold titanium rings in our extensive collection balance the cutting-edge craftsmanship of durable and lightweight titanium against the restrained elegance of stunning gold inlays. We're proud to present you with a huge variety of styles featuring yellow, white, rose gold, and more. Each of these completely custom selections presents a unique twist on classic themes that opens an entire new spectrum of style.


Gold Like You've Never Experienced It Before

Remember that in addition to being virtually indestructible, every titanium gold band featured here is made to your specifications and will be uniquely yours. From sizing and ring widths, to personalized engraving, down to even the metals used for the inlay, these rings are truly your rings.

The Fusion of Art and Strength

Light as aluminum, stronger than steel, and absolutely beautiful, titanium rings with gold inlays are some of the most popular (and ideal) choices for wedding bands. Unlike conventional rings, titanium bands can hold up against constant day-to-day wear without scratching and warping beyond recognition. These rings won't just stand the test of time, they'll surpass it, enduring as a symbol of your love that will last for more than a lifetime.

Handcrafted Elegance Comes Standard

As with all of our selections, each of these rings is hand forged by skilled artisans. Inlays are carefully shaped and inset for maximum elegance and timeless durability, while surfaces are polished to perfection. The talent of our artists elevates these extraordinary designs and blends of metal to the level of fine art. Our passion is our pride, and our skill is what sets us apart.

If you don't see an option in this collection that fits your personal style (we suppose it might happen), please contact one of our friendly customer service experts. We specialize in custom designs and would love to show you what we can do.

You've gone for the gold, now come see the classics that started it all. Experience the collection that redefined modern elegance when you visit our full assortment of titanium wedding rings.

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