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The World’s First Silicone Wedding Band

If you’re the type of guy or gal who knows a regular old wedding ring just won’t stand up to your active lifestyle, we’d like to introduce you to something made just for you: The Groove Life Silicone Ring. It doesn’t matter if you’re an extreme athlete or a hard worker, with the rough hands to prove it, these unique silicone wedding bands offer a high-performance design and extreme comfort to keep your ring from getting in your way.


Till Death Do Us Part: Active Wedding Rings

Titanium-Buzz has partnered with Groove Life to bring you an excellent collection of officially-licensed silicone wedding rings to suit your unique tastes. We’ve got silicone rubber wedding bands for all personalities, including sleek all-black styles that go with everything, plus vibrant pink, orange, and red options for a big pop of pride and personality. Although they come in many looks, all of these low-cost wedding rings ring up for just a few bucks.

Silicone rings are versatile, too. The Groove Life wedding ring can be worn every day as a one-of-a-kind, wedding band or kept in reserve and worn just when you’re working out or getting active. Don’t put your expensive, sentimental ring in harm’s way. Instead, invest in one of these super-affordable silicone rings and keep it in your gym bag to toss on while you’re hitting the weights, yoga mat, or bike.

What Makes Groove Life Rings Better?

It all comes down to design. Each Groove Ring is made from liquid-injected silicone that creates a long-lasting, sleek finish without any flaws. These rings are all about comfort, too. Each one features a comfort fit design with an inner arch to lessen contact with your finger, plus air ports to allow air in and keep moisture out. The soft outer ring also provides comfort to adjacent fingers, while the low-profile look ensures that it won’t get in your way. Groove Life is lightweight, breathable, flexible, low-profile, and all business: just like you.

Want More? We’re Listening at Titanium-Buzz

If you have any questions about these rings or have concerns that your lifestyle is too extreme even for these bad boys, tell us about it. We'd love to hear from you.

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