Hammered Rings

Hammered Wedding Bands

Hammered wedding bands feature a stylish hammered finish giving them a one-of-a-kind rugged look. Due to their raw texture, they look like natural, organic objects and make the perfect choice for those who are looking for an individual and understated ring. Hammered rings come in a wide variety of designs and can reflect your own personality and sense of style.


Looking for a modern wedding ring with a hammered structure? At Titanium-Buzz, you can find a gorgeous selection of hammered wedding bands that have styles reminiscent of the original handcrafted wedding rings created next to a blazing fire with the heavy clanging of metal on metal. The process of hammering creates an enduring impression in the metals' surface, and our hammered rings will retain their texture throughout a lifetime of wear. The hammered finish can either be put on the entire ring or on just one part, such as the inlay. Our hammered wedding rings have a character and are extremely durable. The hammered texture looks spectacular and offers a unique appearance.

Hammered wedding rings are available in an almost limitless selection of styles. They can be made from different types of metals, including such contemporary metals like tungsten, titanium, cobalt chrome, Damascus steel, black zirconium, and more. They provide traditional beauty with a modern twist. Each ring is designed with meticulous attention to detail to ensure that it's as unique as the special bond you share. We also have designs that feature gold, copper, wood, and Gibeon meteorite inlays. If you are an outdoor lover, you may like hammered rings that feature camo patterns.

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Your wedding ring should be a reflection of you: strong, sophisticated, and stylish. With so many styles to choose from, it might help to pick a wedding ring metal first and then choose a hammered band in the metal of your choice. Tungsten, titanium, and cobalt chrome are by far the most durable of the wedding ring metals available in hammered styles. Hammered tungsten, titanium, and cobalt rings are all hypoallergenic and highly resistant to scratches, tarnish, and corrosion.

Hammered wedding rings provide a rustic feel, patterned with a beaten effect. They appeal to anyone looking for a unique and decorative pattern on their rings. Hammered patterns range from subtle textures to sparkle cuts with a diamond effect.

Hammered patterns have no impact on the durability of the rings – and one of the big pros about the hammered style is that it can hide small scratches and dents. That's why the hammered ring style may be the perfect style for camouflaging heavy wear and tear. Hammered rings are also very comfortable, and many of them come with a rounded 'comfort fit' design on the inside of the bands. The only real con associated with hammered wedding bands is that some styles cannot be resized.

Hammered Men's Wedding Bands

For a unique and diverse texture on your wedding band, choose a ring with a hand-hammered finish. Hammered wedding rings are particularly popular with men because of their rugged design, which hides scratches and dings that other men's rings can easily get. Hammered men's wedding bands have a soft matt luster, which is sympathetic to skin tones and makes them one of our most sought after designs. Hand hammering creates facets that catch the light in such a beautiful way. All hammered men's wedding bands are meticulously handcrafted with light-catching facets and exquisite designs; they are then highly polished and/or brushed for a unique appearance.

Hammered men's wedding bands are designed for a modern man on the go and feature both elegance and style and are popular with grooms who prefer non-shiny, rugged jewelry. They are created from high-performance metals that are durable, comfortable, and fashionable. These rings are ideal for people who are outdoorsy or do a lot of work with their hands. They look great and are easy to take care of because the rugged texture of the rings actually tends to look better with normal wear on the rings.

Want to customize an understated hammered ring and make it more unique? It's easy to add a personal touch with a special message on the inside of the wedding band. There are endless options when it comes to deciding what to engrave on the wedding band for him – from your initials or a few romantic words to a stanza from a poem or song or your wedding date.

Hammered Copper Rings

Modest in design with a subtle accent, hammered copper rings have a classic yet contemporary look. The hammered texture gives their surface a beautiful tactile feel and gorgeous visual glimmer. This is a relatively new style, so it's sure to help you stand out while still having a classic feel. In our collection, you can find the most beautiful examples of this modern style. Our hammered copper rings are made of durable and scratch-resistant alternative metals, like titanium, cobalt, and black zirconium, and feature an eye-catching copper inlay. Stylish hammered copper rings look really unique because the details of the hammering are unique to each ring. They make the perfect choice if you want a ring with a stylish contemporary look.

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