Manhattan Collection

Nothing does class or style like the dual-color black and silver rings of The Manhattan Collection by Titanium-Buzz. No matter where you hail from, there's no place quite like the heart of New York, and the beauty of its organized chaos inspired us to come up with what's proven to be one of the most amazing series of rings you'll find anywhere in or out of the Big Apple. Here you'll uncover new combinations of black and silver distilled straight from the tones and shadows of the NYC skyline. So take a look around and get ready to take your rings to town.


The Story Behind the Manhattan Collection

Each ring in this series is a completely singular creation, and for most we've noted in the name which landmark served as the inspiration behind the design. Central Park, the Bronx, the Empire State Building. They're all here. We hand-selected the best alternative metals to go into each design, including black zirconium, titanium, cobalt chrome, and sterling silver. Each ring also has its own special design flourishes, from offset inlays, to hammered surfaces, and more.

Our objective when we created this series was to only accept designs that truly stand apart from the plainer stuff you typically see on the market. Take the aforementioned Bronx Ring. This ring flips the script on many of our other designs by using brilliant cobalt for the base and sleek black zirconium for the inlay. It's like a photo negative and it looks absolutely amazing. But if you want to go even more high profile than that, then the Central Park Square Ring combines all the elements of the Bronx Ring with a square profile and a hammered finish on the inlay.

If you want to take a giant leap forward with your personal style, then these rings are just for you. After all, there's nothing wrong with setting the bar high, especially if you're the one setting it.

Have a favorite part of New York that we haven't visited in this collection? Let us know! Give us a call or drop us a quick email and we'll custom create your own design. We will also help you to choose one that fits best your creative proposal ideas.

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