Matching Cobalt Chrome Deer Track Wedding Ring Set

Matching Cobalt Chrome Deer Track Wedding Ring Set

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Cobalt Chrome
Made in USA:


Two lives. Two sets of tracks. One pair of rings.

Whether you both love hunting or just share a love of the outdoors, these matching wedding rings bring the best of nature to the heart of your love for each other. Elegant design, superior craftsmanship, beautiful stone setting, engraved deer prints -- it really doesn't get better than this Matching Cobalt Chrome Deer Track Wedding Rings Set.

Let's dive into the details so you know exactly what we've done here: These his and her wedding bands are made out of cobalt chrome. If you haven't heard of cobalt chrome yet, you will. Cobalt chrome is not only one of the most durable metals on Earth, but also one of the brightest. It has a white shine that is more brilliant than platinum, but, unlike platinum, it has none of the huge cost built in. Both of these cobalt chrome rings are polished to bring out the spectacular finish of the material.

His ring:

The men's ring measures 8mm wide and is fabricated in a classic flat profile. A set of deer tracks is precision-engraved around the entire circumference of the ring. The deer prints are filled with your choice of black enamel (shown) or left natural for a more subtle effect. Available in all whole and half sizes.

Her ring:

The women's ring measures 6mm wide and has pairs of deer prints flanking the stone setting. Her deer tracks are available in black and natural coloring as well, but for those who want to get a little wild, we also offer pink and purple. The stone setting is available in your choice of a default CZ crystal or a diamond in a range of carats. Available in all whole and half sizes.

Please note: The price shown for these matching wedding rings is based on the default CZ stone. The price of this set will increase if you choose a diamond or a larger stone size. The amount of the increase is shown in the menu options on this page and will be shown again when you check out.

About this design:

Due to the quality of the materials and the amount of customization that goes into these items, if you require a size exchange, there will be a 20% remake fee for your ring. It's very important that you know your ring size when you order. Here are some really useful tips to make sure you get everything perfect.

Nobody cares about your satisfaction more than we do, and our priority is to keep you happy, not to bog you down with notes and extra rules and requirements. If you have questions or concerns about your ring size, resizing, or want to know more about these wedding ring sets, let us know. We're here to help.

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