Matching Wedding Sets

These matching wedding rings feature some of our favorite individual styles paired up to create perfect his-and-her combination sets. And we didn't just match up these rings for convenience: When you purchase one of these sets you save off the price of buying both rings separately. You probably wouldn't be getting married if you didn't have a few things in common, so go ahead and find a set that reflects both of you!


How It Works

The designs and patterns of each ring in each set are either the same or complementary, with the principle difference being the overall size and shape. In fact, the biggest difference is in the widths. Men's styles are generally around 7 to 8mm wide, while women's styles are much narrower, usually between 5 and 6mm or even smaller.

And, because no two couples are exactly alike, we give you the option to select from a variety of designs, profiles, finishes, and added inlays to customize and perfect your set and make it truly yours.

Some of Our Favorite Combinations

Want a traditional way to say that love and friendship are forever? Try on the Matching Claddagh Set. Want to take the elegance up a notch? Then experience the graceful power of the Milled Gold Inlay Matching Set. Want to go really timeless? Than explore the mysteries of the Mokume Inlay Matching Set. No matter which style best suits you, your set will be made to your specifications, just for you. The rings may match, but no other set will ever exactly match yours.

Take a leap of faith on each other, not on your wedding rings. If you have an idea for a matching style that you don't see available here, give us a call at 1-866-215-1861 or send us an email. We would love a chance to work with you.