Men's 14K Rose Gold Diamond Gibeon Meteorite Ring

Men's 14K Rose Gold Diamond Gibeon Meteorite Ring

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14K Rose Gold
Made in USA:


Infinite elegance, otherworldly beauty.

Sometimes the world is not enough. When it isn't, there is the Diamond Rose Gold and Meteorite Ring. This breathtaking work of precision combines three disparate and supremely precious materials into an unparalleled final masterpiece, with a legacy that spans eons and a beauty that will last a lifetime.

The base of the ring is itself a work of perfection: Crafted from a 9mm wide band of 14k rose gold and shaped into a flat profile, the delicately grooved edges frame the soft, polished surface. Inset into the gold is not another rare metal but something even more priceless: A wide segmented inlay taken from an actual meteorite that tumbled from space sometime during Earth's prehistory. Completing the ring is a perfect square capstone of .10ct diamond.

Please note: Due to the materials used to create this ring, there will be a fee for rings sized 13 and higher. This cost will be shown at checkout. If you require a size exchange, there will be a 20% remake fee for this ring.

Each of these rings is a work of art, and our artists can create one just for you in most whole or half sizes. We can also create 1/4-sizes or make custom modifications upon request. Optional engraving is available on the inside of the band for a small fee, while ground shipping is provided free of charge to any domestic US address.

About this design:

The stone used to create the inlay was taken from the Gibeon meteorite, which crashed to Earth in the African country of Namibia sometime during its prehistory. The meteorite is debris from the formation of the solar system and is dated at over 4,000,000,000 years old.

The striations you see in the meteorite are completely natural and are not machined. They're called Widmanstatten lines and are caused by the meteorite being repeatedly heated and cooled as it traveled through space. The inlay of this ring is one of the oldest materials in the world.

Find more styles of the stars, literally, in our complete collection of stunning meteorite rings.

  • Made in the USA
  • Free domestic shipping
  • Forged from a 9mm wide band of 14K rose gold
  • Intricately grooved edges with a polished surface
  • Rare segmented inlay comprised of real Gibeon meteorite
  • Absolutely stunning .10ct diamond capstone

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