Men's Tungsten Wedding Ring with Grooved Stone Finish Center

Men's Tungsten Wedding Ring with Grooved Stone Finish Center

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Its presence won't go unnoticed.

Our game is strong, but our rings are stronger. This men's wedding ring takes things to the level after the next level with a furious blend of textures and styles backed by one of the most intense metals in existence.

It's the element that you go to when only the strongest material will do. It's twice as hard as steel. It's nearly impossible to melt. It polishes to a soft silver though it's almost as tough as diamond. But this 8mm-wide men's wedding ring is more than just something that's hard to damage; it's an exercise in extreme style that dominates any environment it's in. From the shop, to the office, to the altar, this ring is meant to be seen. And because it's so durable, you know it's made to last a lifetime no matter what tough jobs or outdoor adventures lie ahead of you.

Here's how we enhanced the style. We started with a classic dome profile and sleek beveled edging that peaks and then dips into a broad center groove. The sides of the ring feature an attractive polish. For the groove, we decided to go with a stone finish. This is a rough texture that runs perpendicular to the path of the groove. Here's a fun little brainteaser: If it is one of the hardest metals in the world, how did we manage to give it this kind of finish? While we may keep the answer secret, you'll reap the benefits since the stone finish center definitely adds a rugged, masculine look to the band.

Powerful, affordable, and custom-made, these unique wedding rings for men are available in all whole or half sizes. We'll also do nonstandard and quarter sizes anytime a customer asks, so don't hesitate to get in touch with your custom requests. Optional personalized engraving is available on the inner surface of the band as an add-on if you want to really add a special touch to this wedding band. Purchase of this ring includes free ground shipping to anywhere in the U.S.

Want to see more of the best tungsten rings that can be found anywhere? Be sure to check out the rest of our collection.

  • 8mm wide
  • Made with extremely durable metal
  • Dome profile
  • Beveled edges
  • Polished sides with a grooved stone finish in the center
  • Free ground shipping to anywhere in the U.S.

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