Men's Round Edge Acid Finish Damascus Steel Ring

Men's Round Edge Acid Finish Damascus Steel Ring

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Damascus Steel
Made in USA:


No, it's not misunderstood. It is a troublemaker.

Put a radical new twist on some very old customs with this Round Edge Acid Finish Steel Ring, a new style that isn't afraid to step on some toes. If you want a ring that looks like it's up to no good but with a heart of… well, steel, then this bad boy is your ring.

Yes, there's a classic dome profile in the center, but the edges are rounded to give the appearance of two narrow valleys that run the circumference of the ring. We've also left the surface a little rough to give the ring some added texture, while the intense acid finish brings out the contrasts between the pieces of steel that are fused together (more on that in a moment). These men's rings aren't just meant to be worn, they're meant to be felt.

Call it the landscape of awesome. Call it rugged elegance. We call it a lifetime of looking good. If you're ready to look good, then we're ready to build one of these rings just for you. We handcraft these rings in all whole and half sizes, but we can also produce this ring in 1/4 sizes or make other custom modifications upon request. You can also personalize this ring further with optional engraving on the inner diameter of the band. Purchase of this ring includes free ground shipping to anywhere in the USA.

More about this design:

What is welded steel? Welded steel is the product of a type of metalworking that fuses two stainless steels together into a single piece of metal. The steels are heated, welded, squeezed, hammered, and then folded (often many times) into a single bar that contains an equal mix of both steels.

Why two types of steel? When the practice was originally developed, way back in 300 BC, it was likely to deal with the impurities common in the crudely mined ores of the time. Over the centuries, it became a method of combining the best features of two high quality steels while producing spectacular ornamental patterns. Those patterns reveal the different levels of carbon and chromium present in each of the steels, while acid etching darkens and lightens the steels to create interesting and unique patterns that speak for themselves.

Please note: The acid finish shown here appears darker in this image. The actual color of this ring will vary slightly, with more of a dark, flat gray against lighter contrasts.

Want more? We do! And we've got plenty to show you. Come with us to check out our expanded selection of Damascus rings.

  • Made in the USA
  • Free domestic shipping
  • Made out of steel
  • Features an acid finish and rounded edges

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