Men's Beveled Edge Titanium Gibeon Meteorite Ring

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5mm- 10mm
Beveled, Comfort Fit Band
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The sleekest design in the universe.

The Beveled Edge Titanium Gibeon Meteorite Ring is one of the most popular styles in our exclusive meteorite bands series, which makes it one of the most popular meteorite rings in the universe. We don't want to reduce a design this beautiful to puns, but it literally is "out of this world."

The striking inlay you see here is an actual piece of the Gibeon meteorite, a 4-billion-year-old rock discovered in 1836 that crashed into the Earth centuries ago. The flat profile of the Gibeon band contrasts perfectly with the durable titanium edge. Lightweight, comfortable, and with a history as old as the solar system, this incredible meteorite band will be a favorite for millennia to come.

Make this ring truly yours. Each silver color titanium meteorite band measures 7mm wide and is available in all standard sizes. Custom sizes are also available upon request. This ring will complete its journey from the depths of the solar system to your doorstep when it arrives courtesy of free shipping to anywhere in the USA.

About the Windmanstatten lines:

The alternating shades and striations in the Gibeon band are not machined. They are called Widmanstatten lines and are a natural sort of etching found only on meteorites that have spent millions of years slowly cooling in space. This geological formation is not found anywhere on Earth and no two Windmanstatten patterns are ever alike.

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  • Made in the USA
  • Lightweight and durable titanium ring with a flat profile
  • Smooth beveled edge
  • Amazing gray Gibeon meteorite inlay with natural patterns

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