Men's Black-Etched Zirconium Motorcycle Ring

Men's Black-Etched Zirconium Motorcycle Ring

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Black Zirconium
Made in USA:


Inspired by the road. Built for the road.

Unleash your inner Road Warrior and hit the pavement with a metal monster that rolls over the competition. This intense Motorcycle Ring takes everything you know about men's jewelry and tosses it out the window while doing a buck-twenty on a bridge over a canyon that is filled with sharks. What we're trying to say is that it's one of the most unique rings we've ever built, and it has a helluva lot more going for it than a really long name.

What makes this ring especially unusual is something most people don't even notice: It's crafted from special dark material. Now, we're not exactly strangers to this metal, but most of the time we prefer to blacken our material and then carve into it to reveal the sleek metal beneath the surface. This time, we did the opposite. We left most of the material untouched but then blackened the notches in the tread pattern. It's the sort of detail that would impress diehard metal maniacs, but we happen to be a bunch of diehard of metal maniacs.

As for the rest of the ring, you'll love that too. You'll notice that the band is cut very thick with a slight dome profile, while the ring itself measures 8mm wide to capture the shape and essence of a bike tire. Those notches we mentioned? They're carefully cut and detailed to create the tread effect. The rest of the ring is polished to finish it all off with a cool, classic look.

Before you and your ring hit the road, don't forget to pick a size. Most whole and half sizes are available. We can do 1/4 sizes too, in most cases -- just ask for it during checkout. For no charge, we also offer an engraved inscription of up to 30 characters on the inside of the band.

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