Men's Black Super Slick Tire Tread Ring

Men's Black Super Slick Tire Tread Ring

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Our Protection Plan Policy!
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Our Protection Plan Policy!
Black Zirconium
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Get ready to race.

Why go through the trouble of making jewelry with tread designed to provide more grip and performance on the track? If you needed to ask that question, the Men's Super Slick Tire Tread Ring probably isn't for you. But for the rest of you motor maniacs, these are the ultimate tire rings for those of us who eat and breathe tight turns and high speeds.

Forged from the lightest and most durable metal, precision notched by a skilled craftsman, this tire ring boasts an authentic super slick tire tread design carved around the entire circumference of the band. Construction gives the ring a sleek charcoal darkness that is accentuated by the silver tones of the tread markings.

Before we drop the flag, we'll need to take a moment to customize this ring just for you. First, let us know your ring size -- we can do all standard sizes between 3 and 13 and we invite you to request a custom size if needed. You'll also need to select a 7 mm, 8 mm, or 9 mm width for your ring (we like to go all-out with the 9 mm ring, ourselves, but the choice is yours). 

Please note: Due to the material used to create this ring, there is a $35 fee for all rings size 13 and higher. The added cost will be shown at checkout.

Want to see an alternate style? How about over a dozen? Check out our celebrated selection of custom crafted tire tread rings.


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