Men's Black Titanium Mud Bogger Ring

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Our Protection Plan Policy!
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Bigger, faster, crazier.

Screw therapy, this Men's Black Titanium Mud Bogger Ring works out its aggression by rolling over lesser rings and leaving them crushed in the mud. It doesn't surpass other styles, it destroys them. It doesn't look for adventure, it is the adventure. If you've ever looked at sloppy tracks leading down a dirt road, said "f#@K it," and then stepped on the gas and drove right on in, then this black tire tread ring is for you.

What makes a bogger wedding ring? This is not a philosophical question. The answer is pure, aerospace-grade titanium. This is a metal that is lightweight but durable to the core. It is designed first and foremost to not be stopped -- the sleek finish that shames metals like silver is just a nice byproduct. The knobs of the tire's "tread" are precision-carved and polished to perfection, while the background is given a cool black treatment to help the carving-work really pop off the design.

Each men's black titanium ring measures 9 mm wide but is custom forged so that, literally, any size you could want is available. If you need a size that you don't see listed in the options, let us know and we'll get you squared away. 

Want more mud bogger rings that are out there spewin' up rooster tails of mud? You'll find them right here in the Titanium-Buzz's exclusive mud pit.

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