Men's Tungsten Carbide Ring with Bloodwood Inlay

Men's Tungsten Carbide Ring with Bloodwood Inlay

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An inlay fit for a ring.

Exotic. Regal. Bold. No matter which adjective you choose to describe it, this men's carbide ring with bloodwood inlay from Titanium-Buzz is a unique creation that resides in a class all its own. A mix of astonishingly strong materials and sleek, contemporary design makes this ring especially handsome. The combination you find here is one that you are never going to see in any other wooden inlay ring.

Let's break down the materials first. Carbide rings hold up well over time because almost nothing is tougher than the material used. That's not us bragging; that's the first thing scientists say about it. The metal we used in this 8mm-wide band will keep up with you no matter what you do for a living or how you spend your time. You can wear this men's  ring all day, every day, forever and not worry about seriously damaging it, making it a great fit for men with tough jobs and/or active lifestyles.

And then there's the bloodwood inlay. Bloodwood is a South American hardwood that pairs perfectly with this tungsten carbide wedding ring because, like tungsten, it's one of the hardest and densest materials of its kind. How hard? Bloodwood has been known to blunt and destroy all but the toughest saw blades. Plus, as its name implies, the rich red hues and dark veins of color that run through the wood are a perfect contrast to the polished sheen of metal. We crafted this inlay so that the grain of the wood runs perpendicular to the path of the ring to give the wedding band a more energetic and dynamic look.

Each of these carbide rings is built from scratch and shaped into a comfort fit. Just because it's a tough piece of jewelry doesn't mean it needs to be tough on you. It also features a subtle beveled edge that enhances the masculine appearance of the ring. All whole and half sizes are available, but we also make this ring in quarter sizes (just ask us). You can also add engraving inside of the band if you wish, and the ring comes with free ground shipping to anywhere in the U.S.

Experience more of the power of tungsten in our newest collection of tungsten rings.

  • Made with ultra-durable metal
  • Features an exotic South American bloodwood inlay with perpendicular grain
  • Beveled edges
  • Comfort fit
  • 8mm wide

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