Men's Concave Acid Finish Damascus Steel Ring

Men's Concave Acid Finish Damascus Steel Ring

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Damascus Steel
Made in USA:


Go beyond different.

It's not just about being different; it's about being truly unique. This Concave Acid Finish Steel Ring is about smashing conventions and breaking down the wall that separates the world of the cutting-edge from the world of… everyone else. This ring comes from a place where anything is possible and the traditions of tomorrow are born.

We've got a lot to unpack with this one, so let's get started: First, we take steel, which is a formerly lost art of metalworking that's over 2,000 years old and was just rediscovered 50 freaking years ago. It's the process that's responsible for the cool striations in the metal that you see here. Next, we invert a dome profile to create this unstoppable concave shape. Finally, we place the ring in an acid bath to highlight the contrasts in the steels.

This ring is only for the daring, but if you're ready to dare this ring then we're ready to handcraft one just for you. We offer this style in all whole and half sizes, but we're happy to do 1/4 sizes or make other custom mods if you ask us to. We can also do personalized engraving on the inside diameter of the ring as an add-on feature. Purchase of this ring includes free ground shipping to anywhere in the USA.

More about this design:

What do we mean when we say "contrasts in the steels"? We mean that there's more than one metal in this ring. That's what our steel is: A process of pattern welding different steels together to create stunning hybrids. Each fold of the metal makes the completed bar from which each ring is cut stronger, with patterns that will never repeat and that will always stand out.

Please note: The acid finish shown here appears darker in this image than on the finished product. The actual color of this ring will vary slightly, with more of a dark, flat gray against lighter contrasts.

See what else lies on the other side of convention. Behold our full collection of Damascus steel rings.

  • Made in the USA
  • Free domestic shipping
  • Ultra-modern concave design
  • Acid finish provides excellent contrast


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