Men's Concave Damascus Steel Wedding Ring

Men's Concave Damascus Steel Wedding Ring

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Damascus Steel
Made in USA:


Ride the edge of adventure.

There are times when you need to go heavy on style and live on the edge, and this Concave Steel Wedding Ring is one of them. If you're ready to live your own way and to play by your own rules and want to look good while doing it, then it's time you gave this unique band a closer look.

Steel may not be the first metal you think of when you think of wedding rings, but there's nothing ordinary about the steel we use to create this piece. Our steel is a stainless variety with a high chromium content that is hard and durable enough to last a lifetime without ever losing its edgy brilliance. Each steel band is shaped into an intense concave profile, with the center of the ring sunk below the edges. Highlighting it all is the beautiful patterns in the steel (more on that in a moment) that give the ring a watery, almost living quality. Each ring is carefully polished to bring out the full brilliance of the metal.

We demand superior quality from our products, the kind that lasts for as long as you own them. To achieve that level of perfection, we custom craft every ring we sell, and we can build yours in nearly any whole or half size. We can also do 1/4 sizes and make other custom modifications upon request -- we love a good challenge, so feel free to hit us up with your most extreme ideas. Optional personalized engraving is available on the inside of the band as an add-on feature. Purchase of this ring includes free ground shipping to anywhere in the USA.

More about this design:

The patterns in this ring are one of the hallmarks of steel and are unique to each piece. They form because welded steel is actually a fusion of multiple steels pattern welded into a single billet. The striations in the metal indicate where the different steels met and were folded during the forging process. Modern techniques for producing steel (the original method is thought to be more than 2,000 years old) enable us to control these folds to create mesmerizing effects in the metal.

Find more twists on the power of steel in the complete collection from Titanium-Buzz.

  • Made in the USA
  • Free domestic shipping
  • Made from steel with unique-to-each-ring patterning
  • Intense concave profile
  • Sleek, polished finish
  • Comfort fit style

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