Men's Damascus Steel Ring with Offset 14K Gold Inlay

Men's Damascus Steel Ring with Offset 14K Gold Inlay

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Damascus Steel
Made in USA:


Metal that is beyond metal.

Sometimes all it takes is a little twist on tradition to create something completely unexpected, something that changes everything. That's the story behind this Steel Ring with Offset 14K Gold Inlay. It's the elegance you expect for one of the most important pieces of jewelry you'll ever wear, but it's balanced by hard-hitting materials and an off-center inlay that makes it as cool and as fresh as anything on the streets today.

The left-of-center sensibility that makes each of these wedding rings work so well starts with a classic dome profile and beautifully pattern welded steel. Those two qualities alone are enough to create a masterpiece of a ring, but for this style, we took it two steps further. First, we brought in a gorgeous 14K gold inlay, and then we inset it near the edge of the ring. This not only adds to the elegance of the piece but also gives the striations in the welded steel -- unique to each band -- a chance to really stand out. The polished finish brings everything together for a ring that we just can't stop looking at -- and neither will you.

We don't stock rings. In fact, every steel wedding ring we sell doesn't exist until a customer orders it. Each one is handcrafted and singular. If you'd like us to start creating yours, choose a ring size. All whole and half sizes are available, but we can also produce this ring in 1/4 sizes or make other custom modifications upon request. Optional personalized engraving is available on the inside diameter of the band as an add-on feature. Purchase of this ring includes free ground shipping to anywhere in the USA.

More about this design:

The welded steel used in these rings is a high-strength blend of two varieties of stainless steel. The steels are pattern welded and then folded into billets to form a single hybrid metal. While both steels are of the highest quality, each has slightly different levels of carbon and chromium. It's these differences that create the striated patterns you see in the ring. They are the grain lines where the steels have been folded together. The weldimg steel process is thousands of years old and is one of our favorite methods for creating rings that are highly ornamental and durable.

There are more surprises waiting for you in the full collection of Damascus steel rings at Titanium-Buzz.

  • Made in the USA
  • Free domestic shipping
  • Made out of steel
  • Classic dome profile
  • Offset 14K gold inlay

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