Men's Hammered Tungsten Ring

Men's Hammered Tungsten Ring

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Our Protection Plan Policy!
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Our Protection Plan Policy!
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Because the hammer never goes out of style.

We love hammered rings, and nothing captures the mix of raw energy and cool elegance of this style like our all-powerful Men's Hammered Tungsten Ring. This is a ring that knows its way around subtly and nuance, but is fueled by ferocious undercurrents of pure strength. It's like a song that goes from quiet to loud, and it's the only ring of its kind.

Each of these hammered tungsten wedding bands measure 8mm wide. That's 8mm of one of the strongest metals on the planet. It's twice as hard as steel and is also harder than platinum, chrome, and even our beloved titanium. One of the only things stronger than these rings is diamond, which means you can depend on this ring to carry you through any of your daily tasks.

The design of the ring is a mix of classic and contemporary, with a dome profile offset by grooved edges and a raised center that is hammered down the ring's circumference. The shallow divots form an irregular, almost hexagonal pattern of shifting finishes and tones. Although the surface is a bit rough, the metal itself is undamaged. In the words of our founder, "This ring is a tank."

Our hammered tungsten men's wedding bands are custom creations that are available in all whole or half sizes. If you'd like to request a quarter size or to ask us how we put divots into a metal that's harder than almost anything, give us a call or send us an email.

See what else we're doing with tungsten wedding bands in the complete collection from Titanium-Buzz.

  • Dome profile
  • 8mm wide
  • Heavy-duty tungsten build
  • Hammered finish

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