Men's Drag Radial Tread Ring with Titanium Sleeve

Men's Drag Radial Tread Ring with Titanium Sleeve

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Carbon Fiber


Here is the perfect ring for the Automotive fanatic!  A 100% carbon fiber band combined with a polished Titanium sleeve. Beautiful satin black with no shiny coating to wear off. Grit, grime, oil and gas... nothing is slowing this ring down!  The color is all the way through the ring, and will never wear off or fade. The more you wear it, the better it looks. This is a ring that can and will last a lifetime. Display your commitment to both of the loves of your life.

Just like the rest of our rings- this features a nice comfort fit inside for optimal everyday comfort. Carbon fiber is a lightweight composite material that is as strong as steel though. Used in many high end racing components or air craft parts, carbon fiber is the real deal and why not be different when it comes to a ring. Now is the time to get away from all the simple stuff out there and find something you would really want to wear. 

  • Made from 100% Carbon Fiber & Titanium
  • 8mm Width
  • Sleek Radial Tire Tread
  • Made in the USA

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