Men's Forged Carbon Fiber and Black Zirconium Ring with Polar Blue Grooves

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Black Zirconium
Dome, Comfort Fit Band
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Forged carbon fiber is the newest addition to our family of carbon fiber inlays.  The Forged Carbon Fiber and Black Zirconium Ring with Polar Blue Grooves has a unique method for creating the swirl type pattern you see.  The process starts with the carbon being drawn into long fibers, and then heated in a controlled environment. The heat causes the atoms in the fibers to vibrate violently until most of the non-carbon atoms are expelled. The material left after the heating process is composed of thin tightly wound carbon strands which are then processed through stabilization, spinning, and weaving.  The resin is applied after the processed carbon strands are cast into a random pattern.  The Polar Blue grooves were added to give a contrast of dark and light.

  • Made from strong and lightweight Black Zirconium
  • Inlay made from unique forged carbon fiber
  • Flat, grooved edge profile for added style
  • Proudly made in the USA