Men's Grooved Edge Celtic Heart Cobalt Wedding Band

Men's Grooved Edge Celtic Heart Cobalt Wedding Band

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Cobalt Chrome
Made in USA:


If you've been waiting for a modern style with heart, your wait is over! This Celtic Heart Cobalt Wedding Band puts a romantic spin on one of the oldest patterns in the world -- and wraps it around a sleekly beautiful and contemporary package. Cobalt chrome, sometimes called stellite, is the most brilliant form of cobalt. It makes platinum look dim and resists wear and tarnishing unlikeÌ´Ìä well, anything else. The gorgeously engraved heart pattern around the center is a twist on the Celtic knot, which gives this wedding band a neat blend of tradition, whimsy, and modern elegance. And you can order this ring now in a range of sizes and styles. Like this style? Then bust out your copy of Beowulf and come with us to our complete Celtic Knot Rings Collection!

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