Men's Samidare Mokume Gane Titanium Ring

Men's Samidare Mokume Gane Titanium Ring

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Mokume Gane
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A once-in-a-lifetime event. Yellow gold. Rose gold. White palladium. Silver. The ultimate mix of alloys meets the ultimate fusion of art and metalworking in the stunning inlay of this Samidare Mokume Gane Titanium Ring. Samidare Mokume Gane means "raindrops on wood grain metal" when translated from the Japanese, and this is exactly the effect achieved by the skillful forging of these precious metals using the same processes once pioneered in ancient Japan. The sleek and strong titanium base of each ring provides a perfect protective contrast to the Mokume Gane metal inlay, which is a subtle but finely detailed swirling mix of each metal. Each pattern is distinct, and each of these Mokume Gane Titanium Rings is one you will never see again! Ready to get your very own one-of-a-kind Samidare Mokume Gane Titanium Ring? Simply select a size for your ring between 4 and 12.5 and we will have one custom created just for you. You can also choose between 5mm and 9mm for the width of your ring, which is available in a brushed, polished, or satin finish. We've chosen to feature this ring here in the popular 7mm width with a brushed finish to complement the elaborate swirls of the inlay, but the final look of your ring is entirely up to you! About This Design: Mokume Gane is an ancient and difficult metalworking technique that was discovered by a Japanese smith sometime in the mid to late 1600s. Once found on some of the finest swords ever created, then later on rare furnishings (some of which can be found today in the Royal Collection in Britain), Mokume Gane is a stunning art form that has never been widely practiced. Using Mokume Gane to blend even two types of metal is a challenge few can master. This Mokume Gane Titanium Ring blends four of them. During the forging, the smith must be constantly aware of the unique properties of each metal. Maintaining exact and precise temperature control is critical. Any change in the atmosphere of the kiln, or even one slight misstep, and the entire piece can be ruined. We custom build our rings for each customer at Titanium-Buzz, which is why you'll know that behind the making of your ring is a story of tradition, practice, and art. It's not a labor of love, it's a labor of passion, and it's this passion that makes these Mokume Gane Titanium Rings possible! Want to see more? Come with us to check out our complete collection of Mokume Gane Rings!

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