Men's Silicone Rubber Ring

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We understand that you cannot wear your wedding band everywhere you go and for everything you do! This is why a great secondary option is to get a silicone ring to wear at work (if you have a job that calls for it) or working out at the gym. These rings are easy to take care of because they are made from medical grade silicone and they are safe to wear. If you do get your hands into a situation the rubber/silicone material will stretch out or tear. This ring is a good temporary option when you want to keep your other "real" ring looking fresh.

The sizes of these are general ranges - You don't want the ring too tight or too loose. It is also good to take these rings off to let your skin rest and not trap any excessive moisture under the ring. 


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  • Simple Dome shape
  • Silicone Rubber Ring
  • Black in color
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