Men's Square Acid Finish Damascus Steel Basket Weave Ring

Men's Square Acid Finish Damascus Steel Basket Weave Ring

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Damascus Steel
Made in USA:


Now, you are the trend.

What starts a trend? Is it a new idea? Is it that one person who is willing to try something different? If you try this Square Acid Finish Steel Basket Weave Ring, you'll get your answer. These one-of-a-kind square wedding rings take boring and conventional styles and kick 'em back into last week.

Each ring in this series has an individualized pattern formed from the metal from which it was taken, and no two will ever be the same. This ring perfects the rediscovered art of steel production and then mixes things up with an ultra-modern square profile and intense acid finish. The result is the most badass ring of tomorrow, waiting for you today.

Ready to go your own way? First, pick your size. All whole and half sizes are available, but we can also produce this ring in 1/4 sizes or make other custom modifications for you upon request. Seriously, just ask. Optional personalized engraving is available on the inner diameter of the ring for a small fee. Purchase of this ring includes free ground shipping to anywhere in the USA.

Pssst! It may be hip to be square, but so is being round. Check out the classic dome profile version of this ring.

More about this design:

What do we mean by "rediscovering" steel? The original process for creating welded steel was an ancient art that emerged sometime in the first century BCE and then was lost sometime in the 1700s. While many of the secrets of welded steel remain shrouded in mystery and legend, techniques developed over the past 50 years have resulted in metals that perfectly replicate many of the properties of classical welded steel.

Using these special, time-intensive techniques (at one point we bring out a hammering machine that weighs over 1,000 pounds) and our own eye for design, we've been able to do some unique mods on traditional welded steel like the basket weave pattern shown here.

Please note: The acid finish shown here appears darker in this image. The actual color of this ring may vary slightly, with more of a dark, flat gray against lighter contrasts.

Find more of the best of steel in the complete collection from Titanium-Buzz.

  • Made in the USA
  • Free domestic shipping
  • Made out of welded steel: It was cool way before you were
  • Individualized pattern, meaning no two rings are ever the same
  • Intense acid finish

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