Men's Titanium Laser Engraved Welsh Dragon Ring

Men's Titanium Laser Engraved Welsh Dragon Ring

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A dance of dragons. The Welsh call it Y Ddraig Goch, "The Red Dragon," and this Laser Engraved Welsh Dragon Ring is ready to impart its fury and its power to you! Okay, so there won't exactly be a flash of lightning and a crack of thunder every time you wear one of these Dragon Rings, but there should be! After all, these special edition Dragon Rings for men (and women) feature seven Welsh dragons around a flat profile band that have been rendered with an unparalleled level of detail. Forged from comfortable lightweight titanium and engraved with cutting edge technology that's taking our designs to new heights, this technical masterpiece is a perfect mix of ancient power and brand new style! Ready to unchain your dragon within? Choose from any ring size between 4 and 16 (or, because every person is different, custom sizes are also available upon request). Next, choose a width for your ring. Go with the smaller, faster, and dare we say deadlier dragons of the 5 mm width; or go all the way up to Smaug-size with full 10 mm wide monsters!  

About This Design: Sure, if you're anything like us then you like dragons because any animal that can fly and set things on fire is, by definition, awesome. However, the creatures featured on these Welsh Dragon Rings are actually among the older symbols of the world. While they've long been the targets of Hobbits and knights errant, in many ways dragons actually represent some of humankind's best qualities. Characteristics like courage, loyalty, wisdom, and yes, even patience are all part of the true dragon mythology -- symbolism that's literally infused into each of these rings! Meddle some more in the affairs of dragons; check out a version of this ring with some Irish flavor when you preview our similar Celtic Welsh Dragon Ring!

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