Men's Titanium Meteorite Ring with Dual Black Zirconium Inlays

Men's Titanium Meteorite Ring with Dual Black Zirconium Inlays

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For looking your bestÌÎå«ÌÎÌ_ space is the place.

Combining classic and contemporary is the name of the game on the Titanium Meteor Ring with Dual Black Zirconium Inlay. How classic? The age of the Earth, that's how classic. How contemporary? Tomorrow hasn't figured out we've already left it behind. This cool customer marries several unstoppable design elements into one unforgettable piece.

Presented in a dome profile, the polished solid titanium base of the ring is the perfect backdrop for two parallel inlays of dark material, burnished to a dark gleam. Framed by the metal, like a trail blazing across the night sky, is an authentic meteorite inlay with a lined finish (more on that in a moment) that acts as a perfect counterpoint to the smoothness of the metals.

But what is the inlay, exactly? It's a piece of the famous Gibeon meteorite, which exploded in the air above Africa sometime in the prehistoric past and is believed to be over four billion years old. And those lines you see on the surface? They are not machined. They're called Widmanstatten lines and they developed naturally over millions of years while this rock wandered through space as an asteroid.

If you're ready for a piece of jewelry that will take you to the next level, then we can custom produce this ring for you in most sizes. You can also choose any width between 6mm and 9mm for the ring. Engraving of up to  characters is available on the inside of the band. Shown here in a 9mm width.

Experience even more blends of the ancient and the modern in our expanded selection of Meteorite Rings!

  • Made in the USA
  • Free Domestic Shipping
  • Crafted out of lightweight and durable titanium
  • Parallel inlays of super sleek material
  • Authentic Gibeon meteorite inlay
  • Available in a 6mm-9mm width (shown in 9mm)

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