Men's Titanium Tension Set Black Diamond Gibeon Meteorite Ring

Men's Titanium Tension Set Black Diamond Gibeon Meteorite Ring

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Welcome to the next frontier.

Unique, spectacular, stunning -- we could run out of adjectives to describe this ring and not even scratch the surface. The Black Diamond Meteorite Ring is designed to be everything you ever wanted in a ring and more, with precision crafting, truly ancient materials, and a cutting-edge design that redefines what jewelry can be.

There's a lot to unpack in this piece, but we'll start with our namesake metal: The über-sleek, flat profile titanium band features a brilliantly polished finish and sweeps upward to a triumphant peak. Tension mounted between the titanium sides, almost seeming to float there, is a magnificent black diamond in your choice of a 4mm, 5mm, or even 6mm size.

Banding it all together is an authentic Gibeon meteorite inlay, taken from a billions-of-years-old bolide that exploded in the atmosphere above prehistoric Africa.

Combining one of the oldest materials on the planet with a striking, singular design and a darkling black stone is a bold move, but if you're ready for something that isn't like anything else, then let us custom craft one of these meteorite rings for you. We offer this band in most ring sizes and custom sizes are available upon request. Optional personalized engraving is available on the inner diameter of the band. We provide free ground shipping of this ring to anywhere in the USA.

Want to see more? Take a journey through space, time, and style in our full collection of meteorite rings.

  • Free domestic shipping
  • Lightweight and durable titanium band with polished finish
  • Authentic Gibeon meteorite inlay!
  • Features your choice of a 4mm, 5mm, or 6mm black diamond

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