Men's Tri-Gold Mokume Ring

Men's Tri-Gold Mokume Ring

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Mokume Gane
Made in USA:


Once, twice, three times the elegance.

The ultimate fusion of golden grandeur is happening now, and it can happen on your finger with this Tri-Gold Mokume Ring.

Featuring a sleek and traditional dome profile combined with the comfort, strength, and elegance of titanium, this classic ring boasts an inlay that includes 22 karat yellow, white, and rose gold. The gold alloys in the inlay have been forged together into a series of stunning, non-repeating striations using an ancient process passed down by master Japanese smiths from the 1600s. By folding and re-forging the layers of gold, each of these Mokume Gane titanium rings showcases a unique blend of colors and precious metals that are unlike anything you've seen before… and will ever see again.

Every Mokume Gane titanium ring that we offer is a custom creation. This ring is available in all standard sizes, but we also offer 1/4 sizes and other custom modifications upon request. And to create an unforgettable gift or commemorate the occasion, you also have the option of adding personalized engraving on the inside of each band. Whether you choose to engrave or not, we will provide free ground shipping of your ring to anywhere in the USA.

About this design:

First pioneered in 17th century Japan, Mokume Gane is a special metalworking technique that allows the smith to blend layers of metal alloys without mixing their properties. Each layer is distinct and visible yet remains permanently bonded as a single piece of metal. The result is the wavy, wood grain-like patterns and textures you see here.

This style perfectly complements the sleek, uninterrupted smoothness of the titanium sides, which also serve to protect the gold in the lay. By intermingling and twisting yellow, white, and rose gold, and combining it with titanium, our artists have created a one-of-kind classic that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Find more expressions of titanium and gold in our extensive selection of gold titanium rings.

  • Made in the USA
  • Free domestic shipping
  • Captivating mix of yellow, white, and rose gold
  • Titanium construction gives your ring power
  • Mokume Gane design inspired by centuries of metalworking

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