Midnight Matte Black Rings

The Exclusive Midnight Matte Black Series

Titanium-Buzz’s exclusive Midnight Matte Black Series features a collection of cool and unique men’s black rings that are perfect for the edgy, fashion-forward guy who knows there’s black… and then there’s black. Take a trip down this black hole to find one-of-a-kind matte black wedding rings and fashion rings that are packed with depth and personality. Because, let’s face it: black is the new black, and that’s not changing anytime soon!


Join the Dark Side: The Midnight Matte Series

Take a jaunt on the dark side with flat black men’s wedding bands from this ultra-exclusive collection. Any Sith lord would appreciate our black wedding bands that look cool and feel great. Each ring features an intense black finish with a ceramic-like quality that provides a time-tested matte appearance. From our statement-making textured Square Hammered Black Matte Band to the super-smooth Wide Flat Black Men’s Ring, Titanium-Buzz has the perfect style for every personality.

Black Zirconium Rings that Last

These black wedding bands are crafted to the same level of superior quality and durability that we demand from all Titanium-Buzz rings. Every item in this collection is made from premium black zirconium that weighs less than steel but is tougher and more rugged, so they're perfect for no-nonsense guys who need a ring that will last.

Additionally, black zirconium doesn’t conduct heat, resists the elements, and feels incredibly comfortable on your finger. Our black zirconium rings are also bio-inert and made from medical-grade zirconium — the same stuff they use in dentistry and joint implants — so they’re ideal for anyone with allergies to base metals. Titanium-Buzz also offers some black zirconium rings with elite elements like titanium and cobalt for a true-to-you finish.

Want to shed some more light on these styles? Give us a call or send us an email and we'll team up with you to create any custom design you can dream up.

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