Milgrain Rings

Milgrain Wedding Band for Him

Milgrain is a decoration, commonly found on antique jewelry where tiny metal beads were added by hand to create an ornate border. This sophisticated technique has existed for thousands of years and become a very popular ring design during the Art Deco era in the 1930s. The addition of milgrain to your wedding band or ring can completely transform it from an average piece to one that’s unique. Milgrain wedding band suggests artistry and craftsmanship and looks quite elaborate. If you are searching for a wedding band with antique style or love beaded edges, a milgrain ring from Titanium-Buzz makes an excellent choice.


What Is Milgrain?

The word "milgrain" means "a thousand grains.” It has been used in jewelry decoration in many different cultures for thousands of years. In the past, creating a milgrain band took a ton of time because each individual bead was handmade and then hand-soldered to the edge of a piece of jewelry. Today milgrain is usually created with a tool that molds a metal surface into a beaded pattern or designed on a computer and 3D-printed into a jewelry mold. Today’s technology and tools make creating the milgrain style easier than ever, so this technique is becoming more common in modern designs.

Eye-Catching Milgrain Ring and Wedding Band

The Milgrain technique gives a piece of jewelry a sense of craftsmanship and even adds a little sparkle to the design. Milgrain adds extra dimension and authentic antique feel to bands that could otherwise look simple or just plain average. It adds personality to a ring and makes the simplest of designs complex, intriguing, and unique. Milgrain wedding ring design is appropriate for both men and women who would like to detail their wedding bands in an eye-catching manner.

Men’s milgrain wedding bands and rings look wonderful because milgrain brings a touch of vintage elegance to modern designs, creating harmony among the past, present, and future. If you prefer a classic designer look, browse our collections of stylish men’s wedding bands made from alternative metals to find a perfect mens milgrain wedding band that looks elegant and unique due to different finishes with the classic grooved milgrain design edges. We offer a great selection of rings made from modern metals like titanium, black zirconium, Damascus steel that are more durable and more affordable than the traditional options.

We have milgrain wedding rings for men made from scratch-resistant contemporary metals in a wide range of styles and sizes to suit every personality. Not sure what size milgrain wedding band mens to order? Check the information on our ring sizing page on how to choose the correct size and what to do if your ring doesn't fit. 

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